Political Speech: The Reason Why We Support Lee Busby

The name of Lee Busby was not so popular in Alabama until he decided to launch a write-in campaign for being elected to the US Senate. In this race, his contestants were Ray Moore who represented Republicans and Doug Jones, a candidate from Democratic Party.

The ability to effectively influence people through political speech, up to changing the fate of the nation, has always been a great mystery and great art. The best examples of political rhetoric are always a combination of the incompatible: on the one hand, predicting the political expectations of the audience, and on the other – setting the fundamentally new, previously unthinkable direction of the community movement.

The specifics of socio-political speech as one of the important forms of modern communication is represented by a number of structural features. Political speech as a form of a public speech delivered by a speaker is considered both as a process of communication and as a type of social action. Since political speech is realized as an action, which, as a rule, is supported by rather wide groups of society (parties, movements, organizations), and a high degree of its social influence is also assumed. Speaking to large groups of people has its own systemic features and is carried out according to certain rules. Public speaking generally focuses on existing standards and norms. At the same time, it is known that the power of speech can be achieved just as a result of a violation of these norms.

Currently,  due to the massive dissemination of information, a system of active public communications is emerging, the participants of which are state and public institutions, citizens, and members of society. Communications are public, “aimed at transmitting information affecting the public interest, while at the same time giving it public status,” that is, a status associated with openness and orientation towards the common good.

Public speaking is an important step in the work of a politician since it is a specific political text embodied in live speech. In the arsenal of a skilled politician, the word is a powerful weapon, and an effective means of achieving the goal.

Since public political speech is an integral part of public speaking, it uses various means of language in order to influence the audience. 

The speech of any politician is not just a well-structured and correctly delivered text. When giving a speech, a successful politician needs to be able to use an arsenal of the means of such sciences as linguistics, rhetoric, and psychology. Knowledge of their fundamentals allows you to create a bright, interesting text, correctly prepare for public speech, speak and produce the desired effect on the audience. Creating the text of a public political speech is the first and important stage in the preparation of public speaking. An important role is played by the presence of such significant features of the text as conciseness, accuracy, and clarity.
Writing texts for official public speeches of political figures, as a rule, is carried out by speechwriters, who make sure that the speech is verbalized correctly. The hired essay writer not only prepares the text of the speech for the public person but also advises this person on the issues of the “execution” of this speech, monitors the progress and results of the work process.

Political activity is speech activity, and every politician cannot but realize that his practice is connected with the word. The word is the main instrument of politics. The winner is the one who speaks or expresses thoughts successfully, convincingly, fascinatingly, and, on the contrary, loses the one who “didn’t say that,” “didn’t put it that way.”

Let’s read the definitions of politics in order to understand what its relationship with the word is. The modern textbook Political Science says: “Politics is a sphere of public life dealing with governance.” But speech is the main means and instrument of management. Is it not strange that in modern textbooks on political science, the issues of language – speech – words are given so little attention?

Extensive literature is devoted to political speech (the art of political struggle using the word), leading from the dialogues of Plato and Aristotle’s “Rhetoric,” where “deliberative” speech is described as one of the “kinds of speeches,” i.e., political speech in the square. A huge historical tradition that forms the basis of modern political activity as a speech or communicative activity is excluded from consideration.

Today, so many US politician want to master this skill but taking defeat turn to college essay writing service in order to get an exclusive speech. Techniques of political speech serve the speaker to escape into a second reality and to transfer listeners there. In the speech, techniques are usually grouped into speech tactics, which, in turn, can be built into speech strategies that are characteristic of entire Gnostic civilizations and major masters of political speech.

In their use, political speech techniques are marked by automatism, the ability to work outside of conscious use and consumption. Due to this, they serve as technical means of achieving utopian goals, both purely verbal and political.

Modern society is characterized by an exceptionally ramified system of forms of political struggle and, consequently, political speech. We have entered the era of the post-industrial information society, in which it is necessary to master not only the form of oral public speaking, traditional for the ancient society and almost the only one described but all forms of oral political dialogue, written and documentary propaganda, advertising campaigns in the media, etc. Modern political rhetoric is quite close to what is called “public relations” (only in the political sphere), since public relations aim at promoting their own ideas, projects, popularizing candidates, etc.

Who is Lee Busby?

Busby is a Colonel of Marine Infantry who retired in 2010. He has served for 31 years, half of which was his active duty. His activities were highly valued with a Bronze Star and 3 Legit of Merit awards. 

During his service in Marine Forces, Lee Busby achieved not only awards but a substantial experience. He spent 2007-2008 serving in Iraq. After that, he has been working for Marine Forces Europe and then switched to the Reserve of Marine Forces. His service record also contains being a private contractor in Afghanistan where he trained the Afghan Army from 2010 to 2011. 

You might have thought that Colonel Lee Busby has spent his entire life serving in marine service but that’s not his only field of activity. Also, he was the owner of the 2 small businesses: a firm of asset management, LBI Investments, and a brewery, Vulcan Brewing Company. Besides it, he has spent some time working at such companies as Schlumberger, Merrill Lynch, Northrup Grumman, and DynCorp Intl. DRC, Inc. had Busby operating as President for them. “To write my speech and make it persuasive for Alabamians, I’ll tell about the most meaningful events of my life, so they will know whom they are choosing”, Busby said. 

Marine Col. Lee Busby was married once and has 4 grown-up kids who live separate from him. He is in divorce with his wife but still, they keep friendly relationships. “As I write my speech to my potential voters, I’d like to emphasize my kids were raised and educated in public schools of Alabama and to be its humble citizens”, he noted. 

For the last few years, Busby has been fond of creating sculptures of Alabama heroes who dies while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also launched a charity to commemorate them in their homeland. “Alabama Fallen Warriors Project” is the name of the Busby foundation. “My service experience affected my current activities and interests a lot, that’s why I put much attention to it when I write my speech to an electorate”, he emphasized. 

Lee Busby also enjoys doing sports and his achievements were marked by a bronze medal in the National Decathlon contest in 2015. 

Why do we prefer him?

We choose Busby to not let Roy Moore and Doug Jones in

Two rivals of lee Busby cannot represent our interests in Alabama Senat due to certain circumstances that are substantial enough to overlook them.

Roy Moore, a Republican candidate, was alleged of wrong sexual behavior during the campaign before elections in 2017. As 3 women reported, Moore sexually harassed them and 2 of 3 women were underaged at that time. Moore took them on dates where he proposed them to touch him in a certain way to please him. It’s worth noting, he let them go as they didn’t want to do what he asked for, but still, his actions were a felony in accordance to the law of Alabama at the time he did that while he said to the second girl no one would believe her as he was a District Attorney then. 

Also, there was Dr. Will, pickleball machines creator, who helped republican, Colonel Lee Busby a lot.  The reason to elect Lee Busby is that he was never accused of similar actions and stated that such conduct is inadmissible. “We should take control of people who harass women not only in the Senate but also in Hollywood and business. When I write my speech and think of this issue, I see the only way of taking control – it is getting rid of them and firing them”.  

Doug Jones was the candidate from the Democratic Party which is rarely chosen in conservative Alabama. The values of Democrats that Jones presents are not close to voters of the state as they are not supporting the liberal perception of such issues as abortions, etc. When it comes to Lee Busby, Alabama locals share the things he is for.

What does Lee Busby stand for

Republican values. In his political speech and conversations with reporters, Busby stated openly that he has always been choosing conservative principles and agenda that the Republican party had over the democratic ones. Still, the fact he is a write-in candidate allows him to take independent actions as he is not bound by the rules of any political party. “I will be an independent server as I’m not a nominee of Republicans. I do everything on my own and don’t hire anyone to write my speech or promote me”, he emphasized. 

Security. “When I write my speech to my potential voters, I cannot ignore the problem of drug and human traffic that arose in Alabama lately” Lee Busby stated. He proposed to carry out more careful control over the Interstate-10 highway which lies across Alabama as it brings danger to the lives of the citizen due to increasing drug and human trafficking there. 

Immigration in strict accordance with the law. “When I thought I had to write my speech to reach all Alabama people, I kept in mind that the US is the land of immigrants that’s why we can’t ignore the people who followed our laws to live in our nation” Busby noted. He believes that people who migrated to the US and were law-abiding individuals deserve living here comfortably and having opportunities for personal growth. 
And finally, a strive for a change. “I understand that system went broken, therefore I’ve come to elections race to bring voters an alternative to what they already have: one candidate who does not coincide with the voters’ expectations and the other one who has a platform that is not close to Alabamians at all”, said Lee Busby while talking with Jen Kirby.