Make Your Politic Speeches More Powerful. Inspired by Col. Lee Busby

So how to make your politic speeches more powerful?

Secret #1. The main thing in your speech is the listener

Think about what would be interesting to the listener and how convenient it will be for him to perceive the information. Tell, not read. Use the visual channel of perception: photo and video materials, body language, and sign language. You have prepared the text, but it is very important to convey it to the audience. Otherwise, all your efforts to find interesting information and develop new ideas will be in vain.

Secret #2. To prepare a strong performance, you need to work out a good start and a good conclusion, and then combine them

According to statistics, a person remembers the first and last few minutes of a speech best of all and remembers them for a long time, unlike what was said in the middle. Therefore, the beginning and end of the presentation should bear the greatest semantic and expressive load.

Where to start your speech so that the listener remembers it

  1. Show confidence. One of the speaker’s common mistakes is to give out his concern. Of course, speaking is stressful, and it’s very difficult not to worry, especially for novice speakers. But it’s important for you not to get rid of anxiety, and not to show it to the public. Stand straight, keep your arms down and move calmly. Now you can introduce yourself: “Good afternoon! My name is Lee.” Show your calmness with intonation, build phrases with confidence.
  2. Tell us about yourself. You do not need to describe your biography; the most important thing for the listener is to find out why exactly you can disclose the topic so well. Why exactly should the audience listen to you? What do you plan to give your listeners to help them?
  3. Springboard. From the first minutes of the performance, show that it will be interesting, grab the listener’s attention. Interesting statistics data can serve as a springboard for the development of your performance. For example: “Do you know that after 3 minutes of speaking, a person ceases to listen to the speaker if he does not find anything significant for himself?”
  4. Performance plan. You caught the attention of your listener. Tell the audience what you will be talking about and in what order. A logical and structured presentation of the material is easier to listen to and understand. It is convenient to use a PowerPoint board or presentation to visualize the plan. You should not read all the points in a row, but give the audience the opportunity to read them and comment on them. It is important that many will want to write down precisely these few points.

How to finalize the speech

You know that during the fireworks, the most powerful and beautiful charges are left for the final because it will be remembered the most. It makes sense to arrange the finale as bright as the New Year’s fireworks.

At the last minute, the speaker summarizes the whole speech. Therefore it is better to return to the main idea of ​​the monologue and convey it again in a modified and memorable form. It can be issued with a quote, find visual support in a photo or picture.

In this article, we will talk about the principles of extemporaneous speech. How can you hook the listener? How to switch his attention to your speech?

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