Position of Colonel Lee Busby


I’m a Centrist candidate, Republican voter, and supporter of the Republican agenda in the U.S. Senate.

This special election in Alabama for the U.S. Senate seat has focused on the left and right extremes, overlooking the vast conservative middle where I believe most Alabamians identify. Our campaign plans to push right up that middle ground and represent those who don’t identify with the far left or far right.

First Priority: Jobs

One: I support tax reform that creates jobs. Keep it simple. Whatever reforms are passed must create JOBS. This is done by expanding the economy at a rate of a minimum of 3% a year. With that growth rate we can justify COMMON SENSE tax cuts that create JOBS. Alabamians want JOBS. Note that as the House and Senate wrestle to consolidate their current tax reform plans, this specific issue is expected to be concluded before the Feb 8, 2018 inauguration date for this U.S. Senate seat.

Two: We have to rebuild our infrastructure which will create more JOBS. One of the smartest things we can do is focus first on the rebuilding of our healthcare system from the COUNTY level up. There are 67 counties within Alabama. If we ensure that health care for Medicaid starts at the COUNTY health clinic level and we build or rebuild those COUNTY facilities, then we are creating infrastructure JOBS in every county in America by putting thousands of people to work on brick-and-mortar projects.

Three: Reform our immigration laws with a COMMON SENSE approach. Have a fair and lawful immigration policy that is based on creating JOBS dictated by economic policy rather than an immigration policy based on open borders. Immigration quotas set on an annual basis must be structured to complete our AMERICAN work force to meet our 3% growth targets.

Other Important Issues

DEFENSE: For over 31 years, I’ve seen the importance of sufficient funding for our military. I’ve seen the accidents, mishaps, equipment failures, and unpreparedness that occurs when there is not sufficient funding to match the operational tempo. I’ve also seen the imperative of ensuring that funding is wisely spent, properly accounted for, and that the contracting procedures are sensible.

LAW AND ORDER: I cannot begin to describe the sacrifice our law enforcement and Homeland Defense people make. I’m fiercely committed to supporting them.

INFRASTRUCTURE: I’ll work with President Trump, Republicans, and Senator Shelby to approve adequate funding to rebuild our infrastructure and to ensure Alabama gets her fair share of that funding (see my position on jobs creation as stated above).

TAX REFORM: Note that the current tax reform efforts are expected to be concluded prior to the Feb 8, 2018 inauguration for this Senate seat (see my position on jobs creation as stated above).

ABORTION: I’m Pro-Life with exceptions for rape, incest, and endangerment of the mother’s life.

HEALTHCARE: Obamacare is DOA. Repeal it. Replace it.

IMMIGRATION: I support immigration …LEGAL immigration. If the current laws governing immigration are inadequate, then let’s change them, and I’ll support them.


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